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  • Allegro Plus

    Pick up the pace on the fantastic Allegro Plus. Children are spoilt for choice with fast-paced, challenging and exciting activities that are guaranteed to thrill.

  • Apace Plus

    A playground tower that children will remember forever. The Apace Plus has intricate climbing nets, two exciting slides plus much, much more!

  • Brisk Plus

    The Brisk Plus is packed with everything that children need to have fun, all day long. A fast-paced tube slide, challenging climbing activities and exciting play panels are sure to keep them busy.

  • High Speed Plus

    The exciting design of the High Speed Plus creates a fantastic playground tower that is will challenge children and put their skills to the test.

  • Nimble Plus

    The Nimble Plus will look great in any playground and will put children’s climbing skills to the test. Exciting, fast-paced fun that is guaranteed to get children active.

  • Presto Plus

    The Presto Plus is packed with fun and has three different levels of play, combining a number of fantastic activities to challenge children.

  • Rapid Plus

    Turn the play level up a notch with the Rapid Plus. An intriguing design and an abundance of exhilarating activities make this tower a playground favourite.

  • Swift Plus

    The Swift Plus takes play to exciting heights with a mix of high and low level activities that are guaranteed to keep children going all day long.

Showing all 8 results