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  • Blissford Plus

    Modern style, vibrant colours and exciting features – the Blissford Plus will challenge children and help them develop a number of skills.

  • Brill Plus

    Great play value and exciting activities areacked into this exciting two-tower play unit. Featuring fast-paced sliding fun, roleplay opportunities and challenging climbing play – children will love the Brill Plus!

  • Brook Plus

    Younger children will love the challenges that the Brook Plus holds. Climbing skills will be put to the test and the Spinning Bowl and sliding play provide the thrills of movement and speed.

  • Butterwick Plus

    The variety of activities on the Butterwick Plus make this a special unit. Sliding, swinging, a range of climbing nets, play panels and social play will keep children entertained for hours.

  • Eccup Plus

    The angled tower of the Eccup Plus adds a visually impressive dimension to this one-tower unit that will test a number of children’s skills.

  • Fernhill Plus

    Two levels, swinging, climbing, sliding, sensory play, educational play and social play make the Fernhill Plus an exciting playground tower.

  • Giddy Green Plus

    The Giddy Green Plus combines three levels of play with a huge mix of exciting activities in one impressive unit that will be very popular in your playground.

  • Giggleswick Plus

    The Giggleswick Plus is a stunning redesign of one of our most popular towers and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The new styling and upgraded features have taken this unit to another level.

  • Glenduckie Plus

    The eye-catching style of the Glenduckie Plus is matched by its array of activities that includes a mixture of slides, tunnels, nets, and its very own Tactile Lion Play Panel.

  • Kingswood Plus

    The Kingswood has it all. Packed with a variety of climbing activities, sliding fun, roleplay and interactive play panels – this unit is guaranteed to be king of the playground.

  • Littlebeck Plus

    The tallest of our one-tower Little Hamlets Plus units, the Littlebeck Plusrovides the extra thrill of height and a thrilling sliding experience for younger children.

  • Merrymeet Plus

    Intriguing design and a great mix of activities create a fantastic three tower unit that children will love.

Showing 1–12 of 18 results