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  • Playspace 1

    The largest of our Playspaces incorporates everything that is great about our Adventure Trail products into one fantastic obstacle course. Children will develop a range of skills as they work their way around each station.

  • Playspace 2

    The perfect all-in-one playspace for your playground! Testing a range of skills and great for active play, children will love to race each other around the obstacle course.

  • Playspace 3

    Get children active with this exciting Playspace as children are challenged to climb, scramble, traverse and swing their way through the obstacle course.

  • Playspace 4

    Bring your playground to life with this fantastic Playspace! The mix of activities will keep children entertained for hours and give them an opportunity for some fun, healthy, active play.

  • Playspace 5

    The Playspace 5 encourages balance, coordination, agility and strength development as children work their way across each exciting station.

Showing all 5 results