Public Play Areas

Public and Community Play Areas

We all love the good old swings and slides for playgrounds, they are our bread and butter. Though we also love jam too, i.e. we love to inspire imagination, we love to create a meeting place for all age groups and all abilities, and most of all we love unlimited fun. This is why we have a wide range of equipment, from sensory panels to defining gravity aerial runways.

We are able to design, supply and install fantastically enticing playground equipment, as well as sports and fitness equipment for a variety of public spaces. We offer exciting and challenging playground equipment and impact-absorbing surfacing that creates a fun-filled safe environment for a wide range of kids and adults to allow them happy and healthy exercising.

We have a clear understanding of play types to accommodate children’s social, physical, intellectual, creative and educational needs and ensure these are incorporated into our play area designs.

Inspired Playground Design

Scotplay & Sports prides itself on its sensitive and insightful approach to playground designs in order to encourage able and less able children alike to play together and stretch their abilities.

We ensure inspirational playground designs are delivered, together with exciting and challenging products. Whether sustainable wood or tough steel is used in the design and manufacturing process, our creative team has a wealth of innovative products to share.

Trusted for 20 Years

We have been working alongside local authorities throughout Scotland for 20 years to supply playground and sports equipment for community playgrounds.

We are aware of the vital role public consultation plays when considering the design, landscaping and installation of a new play area. Finding out exactly what the local community wants and expects from play provision is fundamental to creating the ideal playground. If the people for whom it is being provided are happy, the play area will be well used and appreciated. Therefore, engaging with the locals and encouraging direct involvement in the early stages of the project is of huge value.

To help customers with this all-important task, Scotplay & Sports has a consultant local to the area who can come along and advise or answer any questions that may help in deciding which equipment is best suited to the public’s needs.

Accredited and Approved

As we are BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality registered and ISO14001 approved, we are able to strictly monitor and control quality and costs. As well as giving our customers the ability to choose their own colour schemes and request adjustments to standard designs. Scotplay & Sports consultants have been ROSPA trained and are members of RPII.

Scotplay & Sports provide an extensive after sales customer care programme including inspection, maintenance and long-term technical support and advice. We also endeavour to supply spares for equipment which is at least 20 years old.

With 20 years’ experience, Scotplay & Sports have a well established reputation. We are able to create fun playgrounds for all ages of children, from design through to fitting.

We can design, manufacture and install an entire play area for our customers from scratch, or we can simply supply and install a single item of playground equipment or an area of safety surfacing. We also offer a playground inspection, risk assessment and DDA audit service.

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