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  • Beijing Plus

    The largest of our brand new fully inclusive units, the Beijing Plus offers an astounding number of play features for all abilities providing exciting ‘parallel play’ opportunities. This unit can also be linked to a City Adventure Trail course for ultimate fun and play value.

  • Melbourne Plus

    The smallest of our brand new fully inclusive units, with incredible new inclusive features, the Melbourne Plus can also be attached to another of the Big City Plus units by linking it to a solid bridge feature.

  • Mexico City Plus

    This fully inclusive unit offers a myriad of exciting new inclusive features, opportunity for independent play and experience and can also be added onto another Big City Plus unit by linking to a solid bridge feature.

  • Montreal Plus

    The Montreal Plus is a fantastic stainless steel three tower unit that will be the shining star of your play area! It has a great mix of climbing and crossing features.

  • Vancouver Plus

    The Vancouver Plus unit has a variety of activities to challenge children, including a fireman’s pole, inclined hoop bars, inclined bridge and overhead hand sliders.

  • Los Angeles Plus

    This unit is exciting, eye-catching and bursting with fun and variety! The range of challenging activities will keep children entertained for hours. Featuring the soaring Sky Tower, it’s packed with action…the ultimate playground unit!

  • Athens Plus

    Ultra modern stainless steel styling with a range of climbing, sliding and interactive play will stand out in your playground and keep children entertained for hours.

  • Barcelona Plus

    The square shape of this unit creates a circuit for children to work their way round to the tube slide whilst undertaking a number of challenges. Featuring a huge number of activities – this unit has it all!

  • Lillehammer Plus

    The Lillehammer Plus unit is a superb design for a one tower climbing frame. The side ladder, fireman’s pole and slide coming off the single legged triangular tower are all winning features.

  • Berlin Plus

    The Berlin Plus features an inclusive net access, solid links along to the slide and a fantastic mix of features that gives children of all abilities the opportunity to play together.

  • Turin Plus

    Features including a twisted climbing net, fireman’s pole, pole slide and lookout tower make the Turin Plus a fabulous all-round playground tower unit.

  • Antwerp Plus

    The exciting two tower Antwerp Plus unit is highly durable, low maintenance and is designed to test a number of skills including climbing, sliding, crawling, scrambling, motor skills and social interaction.

Showing 1–12 of 474 results